Neuschwanstein for FSX

Download : not yet available (and don't know if ever will be :) )

I started modelling the crazy castle of Neuschwanstein some a couple of years ago, for Flightgear.
One year ago I switched to FSX, and Neuschwanstein remained sleeping in the computer, uncompleted.

Neuschwanstein for Flight Simulator (as of Nov 22 2011)

I was frightened by the complexity of this model, and never tried to convert it from FG to FSX ...
But few days ago I said ..."Why not to try !"

This is the first result:

Nueschwanstein in FSX (as of Aug 23, 2013)
Who knows ? May be I will go on ...


  1. I think your Neuschwanstein is fantastic! I'm currently doing an around-the-world flight in a Cessna 172 (in FSX!), and I went past Fussen and was very disappointed to find that the castle doesn't exist.

    Is there any chance you'd be willing to share your scenery with me? If you do not want it distributed, that's fine, but I'd sure love to have it installed on my system.


  2. Sorru Warren I missed yr message. If youwoild have Neuschwanstein "as is" let me have yr email ...

    1. I would enjoy having it. I 2nd warrens post. Travis1992@live.com

  3. Hi, I intended to make the scenery of the area of Schwangau. May we collaborate. As for me, I'm working with vectors but I'm a little initiated with D thanks to Sketchup. Just look at my blog :

  4. I would love to have a model of Neuschwanstein Castle, can you send me a zipfile? Thank you

  5. I'd also like the Neuschwanstein Castle,having visited in in 1972 while stationed with the Canadian Forces in Germany at what is now the Karlsruhe Baden airport (formerly the home of 4 Fighter Wing RCAF). Thanks for any help.