LILO Caiolo (Sondrio)

Download: 1st Release Sept. 2013

So, few days ago I started with this small still efficient airfield, located in Valtellina, near the area capital, Sondrio.

It seems there are here and there traces and footprints of an earlier Caiolo Scenario, done at least for FS9 ... but definitely I wasn't able to find a scenario for FSX; so I couldn't miss this airport :)

LILO Caiolo, as of August 26. 2013
LILO Caiolo, as of  Sept 11th, 2013: working on the Club House :)
LILO Caiolo, as of  Sept 11th, 2013: exiting the hangar

LILO Caiolo, as of  Sept 15th, 2013: eventually we got the Fire truck ;) !
LILO Caiolo: the Refueling Stn (Sept 26th, 2013)


  1. Dear Scighera Good Evening,

    I'm an x plane developer, i had seen your caiolo scenery and i was impressed by the general quality,
    I wanna know if it's possible make an x plane conversion of your scenery, it will be obviously free and with your copiright reported!!!
    It will be possible!?

    best Regards Gabriele.

  2. Hello,
    I'm an Flight Simulator enthusiast who living in Valtellina, i want just thank you for this amazing airport.
    And i would inform you that this scenery work great with prepar3d v2.x too.

    Thanks again.
    Mauro "bigboy"

    1. Scusa ho installato l'aereoporto di Caiolo ma quando apro FSX non c'e'.....come mai? non riesce a caricarlo....cosa devo fare? Grazie

    2. Ho lo stesso problema