Monfalcone Power Plant


Now a Power Plant which isn't located on the PO River, but rather on the Adriatic Sea, close to Trieste airport ...

Coal fired Power Plant in Monfalcone, close to the airport of Trieste

Porto Tolle Power PLant

Download: not yet available

Continuing the work on the Italian Power Plant located along the Po River: this one is located exactly on the tip of the river delta, on tha Adriatic Sea ...

Porto Tolle Power Plant

Sermide Power Plant

Download : not yet avalable

Another Power Plant located on the Po River banks, not far awaay from the Ostiglia Power Plant ....

Sermide Power Plant


Kleine Scheidegg and the "Eiger Nord Wand"

Downkoad: please refer to Frank's blog at:

I's enough you send a message or e-mail  to him, and he will provide the download link !
Kleine Scheidegg and the Eiger Nordwand
Some three months ago (don't remember exactly how) I got in touch with Frank Dainese, a "sacred monster" of FSx Scenery Developement: time ago he made, as 3D models, all the major peaks of the Dolomites, and, at the time when I got in touch with him, he had just released the Apls around Val d'Aosta, including the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa and the Monte Bianco.

 Could you figure out how excited I became, when he asked me:
 "Would you colloborate with me in the scenery design ?? I need someone making 3D buildings for the area I'm modelling ... in particular I need someone modelling the Funivie del Monte Bianco (The Cableways of the Monte Bianco) ... and I would like to see the cabs going up and down ...."

 I was honored and proud of being asked to collaborate ... and scared, because I never made any kind of "animation"; in addition, at that time, I was using, as a 3D modelling tool, Blender 2.49, having no script to export animations capable to be imported in FSX ... so I had to learn anew Blender 2.69, which is not an easy task for an obsolete 64 y.o. retired mechanical engineer !!! ... but the story of the Blender 2.69, the animation and the export to FSX is a different story, I'll speak about it somewhere else ....

When I was close to come to a solution for the Monte Bianco Cableways, Frank came out saying:
 "Hey, Paolo ... I'm modelling the Berner Oberland and the terrrific Eiger Nordwand ... would you be so kind to set aside for a while the cableways ... and model the village of Kleine Scheidegg ???"

 Could I refuse ?????

Flying on the Berner Oberland

Trains of the Wengenralpbahn (WAB) in front of  the depot at Kleine Scheidegg


Neuschwanstein for FSX

Download : not yet available (and don't know if ever will be :) )

I started modelling the crazy castle of Neuschwanstein some a couple of years ago, for Flightgear.
One year ago I switched to FSX, and Neuschwanstein remained sleeping in the computer, uncompleted.

Neuschwanstein for Flight Simulator (as of Nov 22 2011)

I was frightened by the complexity of this model, and never tried to convert it from FG to FSX ...
But few days ago I said ..."Why not to try !"

This is the first result:

Nueschwanstein in FSX (as of Aug 23, 2013)
Who knows ? May be I will go on ...