IVAO Switzerland Tour 2013

LSTR - Montricher. 2nd release (Aug2013)
                                  1st release (May 2013) 

LSTB - Bellechasse.  1st release (May 2013)

LSPL - Langenthal  1st release (August 2013)

LSGB -Bex - 1st release (July 2013)

I'm a newbie on IVAO, and I started flying on it, naturally, with short VFR flights; I discovered also the IVAO Tours, so I began the Italy Tour 2013 and the Switzerland Tour 2013 (you know ... I'm a motorbiker settled in Northern Italy, and mainly I ride on the Alps, "sewing" the borders across Italy, Austria, Germay, Switzerland and France.

But just at the second leg of the CH Tour I noticed I should have had to land in a small airfield not included in the default  airports of FSX.

So I made it right on the spot, using ADE and a couple of building included in the default FSX library ... on early august 2013 I had the opportunity to visit Lausanne ... and paid a visit to Montricher Airfield, as well: made a lot of pictures ... and remade the FSX scenario :) (The completely revised LSTR has been issued on Aug 19th, 2013)

The revised LSTR Montiricher has been released on Aug 19th 2013

The revised LSTR Montiricher has been released on Aug 19th 2013

The revised LSTR Montiricher has been released on Aug 19th 2013

LSTR Montiricher has been remodelled in August 2013

LSTR Montricher (as of May 2013, superseded)
The following leg happens to have the same problem, in Bellechasse: I found out on internet the missing airport ... very well done ! But it isn't a freeware, and definitely I cannot afford to spend some 25 Euro for each tour's leg :)
So, again, I made it, but this time with custom made buildings :)
LSTB Bellechasse (CH, VD) as of may 2013
Later on, the same problem with Langenthal LSPL: it doesn't exist in the default airports of FSX; so, again, ... built it !

LSPL Langenthal
LSPL Langenthal
And again FSX default airports do not include Bex LSG: for this airport I had the opportunity to visit it and to shot a number of pic's !!

LSGB Bex, as of June 19th, 2013
LSGB Bex, as of June 25th, 2013

LSGB Bex as of Jul 15th, 2013

LSGB Bex as of late Jul 15th 2013: added an "AI" Pilatus PC6 bearing tha tail n° HB-FLI


  1. Yes, great US Military force. Also, in his post you have given a chance to listen about US Military. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing it.
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  2. My compliments! I installed your LSGB and LSTR airports! Trying to create some myself... It's a lot of work!
    I am trying to make some photoreal scenery now of the Swiss alps area.

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