VFR Significant Points

I understand this "VFR Significant Points" are those which the ATC normally requires to be reported; associated with this "VFR Significants Points" there are also the "VFR entrance/exit Points", at the borders of the "Approach Air Spaces" and the VFR Holding Points.
Abstract from Italian VFR Cruising Chart: VFR Significant Point (violet triangles); VFR Entrance/Exit Points (blue); VFR Hoding Points (red)
Well, I'm a newbe on IVAO, and recently I flew the first leg of the Italian VFR Tour 2013; this was very simple for me: the leg was entirely within the Alps, which I know quite well, thanks to my extensive motorbike touring on them ....

Few days after I faced the VFR Tour second leg, which is almost overflying the Po River plains and ... flying in MS SFX I found extremely difficult to spot the "VFR Significant Points" !!!!

I thought that these points are defined because they should be "significant", which I suppose it means that in the real life they are easily recognized !!!

So I thought it should be nice to have something peculiar to be placed in FSX at these "VFR Significant Points" ... so I began to add few landmaarks:

Bergamo CTR
Trezzo d'Adda Entry/Exit Point: I noted a Power Plant, there !!!

Bergamo CTR
Alzano Lombardo Entry/Exit Point:
The small Power Plant in the picture below isn't actually located in Alzano Lombardo, rather it is located in Villa di Serio, just on the opposite Serio River bank !! Indeed there is a small Power Plant in Alzano Lombardo, but I started modeling the one in Villa di Serio becuase it was built by Franco Tosi, a Company for which I worked for 14 years :)
The Italcementi Power Plant of Villa di Serio: the Alzano Lombardo Significant Point is just on the other Serio River bank

Piacenza CTR
Pieve Porto Morone Significant Point
I really do not understand why they have selected this absolutely unsignificant village on the Po River north bank ..... but exactly in front of it, on the Po River south bank .... a Power Plant, again:

The Combined Cycle Power Plant of Castel San Giovanni

The Combined Cycle Power Plant of Castel San Giovanni

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