LIDT Trento Mattarello, Aeroporto "G. Caproni"

01 February 2013:  First Release (20130201_LIDT_Mattarello.zip)

So I started the transfer of this small, cute airport from Flightgear to FSX ... :)

LIDT as of Jan 16th, 2013
LIDT Mattarello as of Jan 20, 2013 (added the F 104 !)
LIDT Mattarello as of Jan 20, 2013; the Fire Dept Hangars and the "Eurocopter" Hangars
February 1st, 2013
Few days ago I made a phone call up there ... to ItalFly, who has the operating base in Mattarello, asking if they could be so kind to let me have some pictures of the buildings as view from the aproon side: they have been more than kind: the day after I got some fantastic spots !!! And I was able to proceed i the development of the airport ... which is almost ready to be released:

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