Broadcasting Antennas

The download contains the antennas depicted in this very post, below.

Download Antenne_20130208.zip (click): the textures were not showing up; bug amended
Download Antenne_20130204.zip

The Valcavapass Broadcasting Antenna

The original antenna (136 m high) is located at the Passo di Valcava (1300m) between the Valle Imagna and the Adda River valley, in Lombardy.

The antenna is the very first model I made for Flightgear: at that time I was still learning how to use Blender.

The model below has been completely revised and prepared for FSX ...

The "Dosso dei Galli" NATO Troposcatter Station

When France puilled out from NATO ("La Grandeur" :) ) the alert radio chain, connecting US to Turkey, via Groenland, Iceland, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Greekland, was broken.

So the chain was rerouted via ... England, Neederland, Germany, Italy .... but Germany and Italy are not bordeing, Schweiz is in between ! So the need to make this Troposcatter link between two identical stations, in "direct view" of each other ! The German Station was located in the Schwarzwald, the Italian at the "Dosso dei Galli", at some 2300 m, near the Passo di Crocedomini and the Passo Maniva:

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