LILQ Massa Cinquale

Feb 19th 2013, 2nd Release
Dec 2012: 1st release, preliminary

LILQ is my first attempt to transfer in FSX the 3D models I made in the past for FlightGear: I hope to become more and more smart in the future ! The FSX version still has some bugs, like the giganting electric pole very, very close to the runway, which I'm still unable to remove ! In additio, I don't understend why the huildings must reside in a different directory, otherways they sunk in the terrain and loose hte textures !!

I should also add some trees, that peculiar maritime pines ! May be in the future ... now I'm quite busy with LIME, Bergamo Ori al Serio, my "Heimat" airport :)

Feb 19th 2013
Thanks to the precious hints of Vic Dabor (http://vicdabor.blogfree.net/) the Cinquale airfield has undergone a noticeable updating ... even if it doesn't yet includes the new Heli hangar and the new clubhouse repainting of last year.
By the way here the new release:

LILQ as of Feb 19th 2013: I think it's by far better !


  1. The airport I missed on my trip in the south.
    Well done, nice to visit.
    THX for buildig it.

  2. bravo!Buon lavoro!Any news about the powerline pylon near the runaway?How remove it?